• Sally

10 Apps Every Woman Should Be Using for a Well-Balanced life in 2020

With the mounting pressure that women are continuing to face in today’s modern society, while balancing their home and social life, work and career as well as other areas of their lives, we all know that being a woman is hard. But with everything becoming more digitalised, there is an app for almost every need to help keep us on top of our schedules and priorities, and most importantly be more organised. From finance to workouts, we’ve narrowed the 10 best apps for women that we believe are a must-have in 2020.

1. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

This smart and easy to use app helps to track your period, ovulation and fertility with the added feature of a much-needed PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptom tracker. Flo enables you to track your period accurately since it uses artificial learning and provides helpful ovulation insights such as calculating your most fertile days to conceive as well as enabling you to log and monitor your PMS, discharge and any other symptoms.

Download: iOS | Android

2. FitOn

FitOn offers a wide variety of fitness workouts including HIIT, cardio, yoga, Pilates and barre with personalised plans. What’s great about this app is that it offers mix of trainers and workouts that have different levels of intensity, strength training and muscle building, where you can mix and match and pick which workout suit your needs best. For moments when you don’t feel like going to the gym, why not bring the gym to you and have a workout in the comfort of your own home using FitOn.

Download: iOS | Android

3. Audible

There are still many of us that haven’t experienced the joy of listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Sometimes listening to music whilst driving, commuting or cleaning the home can become very banal and trite, where we end up listening to the same track from the same artist for the hundredth time. If you’re looking to add variety to your everyday routines, why not start by listening to audiobooks and podcasts on Audible– not only are you getting your household chores done, but you’re also making the whole experience more enjoyable and most likely learning something new. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Bonus: Audible offer you a FREE audiobook when you first sign-up!

Download: iOS | Android

4. Headspace

Similar to Audible, you’ve most likely heard of Headspace by now since it has become a popular meditation and sleep app. This app is great for when you are commuting, walking, working, playing house and for falling asleep. We highly recommend this one is definitely one of the best apps for women out there!

Download: iOS | Android

5. Duolingo

If you’re interested in learning a new language, Duolingo will help you tick “learn a new language” off your bucket list. They offer courses in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and many more. What’s great is that they help you stay on track of your progress by sending daily reminders and a progress report. Duolingo is definitely hailed as one of the best apps for women by Pearls and Wine.

Download: iOS | Android

6. Emma - Money Management App

This budgeting app helps to track your spending, bills and subscriptions. Emma provides advanced insights into your spending with its expense tracker, identifying areas where you can save and improve your personal finance. One of its best features is that it identifies and cancels any wasteful subscriptions that you may have signed up for but had forgotten about. This surely makes the cut as one of the 10 best apps for women.

Download: iOS | Android

7. Waze

Waze is a great travel and navigation app that tells you what’s happening on the road in real time whether it be traffic, police, crashes, roadworks and construction. What’s great about this app is that you can help other drivers too by reporting things like accidents on the app so that other users know what areas to avoid.

Download: iOS | Android

8. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Struggling what to make for dinner every night? Allrecipes' Dinner Spinner has you covered with their amazing collection of recipes. You can search for specific recipes, save your favourite recipes for quick and easy access anytime and anywhere as well as get step-by-step cooking videos to over 1000 mobile-friendly recipe videos.

Download: iOS | Android

9. Word of the Day - Vocabulary Builder

Want to sound more eloquent and improve your vocabulary? Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder helps you to build upon your existing language skills by selecting words from trusted sources such as the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster each day and making them available for users. The gist of these type of apps is to encourage you to incorporate each Word of the Day into your daily conversations and help you to remember its proper usage.

Download: iOS (unavailable) | Android

Alternative to Word of the day - Vocabulary Builder for iOS is

Word of the Day: Learn English. Download here

10. Treatwell

If you realise that you urgently need an emergency brow, haircut, wax or nail appointment, Treatwell can help you. The app will find the nearest salon to you and show you the next available appointments that they have on the day or for those of you that like to plan ahead, can do also.

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