5 Best Fashion Coffee Table Books Every Fashion Enthusiast Must Have

fashion coffee table books you must have

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Want to take a page from fashion designers, editors and journalists to help build your education on style and the art of clothes making? We have a list of 5 highly talked-about books (which also make for a great addition to your coffee table & help light up your bookshelves) that can introduce you to the other side of fashion - the one beyond pretty dresses and seasonal shoes.

If you are passionately attached to fashion both as a subject and a way of self-expression, understanding how stories around the topic are knit together will give the kind of joy and satisfaction like nothing else. In today's world where millions of information sources are just a tap away, there is nothing as authentic and genuine as a well-written book by credited authors and publishers. So here is our quick list of 5 fashion coffee table books you need to get your hands on and indulge in to grow your knowledge about fashion and fall in love with it a little more.

1. Fashion Brands: Branding style from Armani to Zara

The book opens with a powerful statement - "You don’t buy clothes – you buy an identity. "

How relatable is that? The same can be said by the other anecdotes the intriguing book comes packed with. Written way back in 2015, the book successfully captures the history, business, and spirit of fashion.

Quick takeaways

If witty and journalistic content appeals to you, this book can be your latest addition of your collection of fashion coffee table books which helps you to understand the power of advertising and branding in transforming fashion and how clothes and accessories were turned into objects of allure by industry experts.

The book gives a good behind-the-scenes look into the fashion industry, covering topics like haute couture, high street fashion, photography, magazines, and more in a very easily understandable manner.

About the author

Mark Tungate is a British journalist, based in Paris who is also the author of many bestselling titles related to advertising, media, and lifestyle trends.

Plus point

The book will be loved even by those who enjoy branding and marketing but are freshers to fashion or don't necessarily understand much about it.

2. Camp - Notes on Fashion

Yes, we have all heard the word before and googled our way into to. It was the theme of the yearly high fashion art exhibit of Anna Wintour Costume Center in 2019. Drawing from Susan Sontag's seminal essay, the highly visual book explores the meaning of camp and its expression in fashion.

Quick takeaways

The book is not meant to be read it is meant to be experienced. It is not for everyone but will prove to be greatly informative for fashion historians, costume designers, and serious fashion enthusiasts who also love to collect books.

About the author

The book is put together by Andrew Bolton who is the editor and creator of not just the book but also the man behind the iconic exhibition around Susan Sontag's 1964 essay " Notes on 'Camp".

He is currently the Head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York.

Plus point

This book will make for a beautiful decorative piece as part of your collection of fashion coffee table books.

3. Burberry Days

Unveiling the adventures of a Burberry salesman back in the 1960s, Burberry Days is a lovely memoir that dives deep into the history of one of the most iconic British brands.

Quick takeaways

Yes, it is witty and funny, but also insightful at the same time. Written by Brian Kitson who joined Burberry in 1958, the book gives an interesting insider's account on the clothing business. It speaks about how Burberry is more than just its trench coat and house check as it has so many other innovations to its name as well.

About the author

Brian Kitson worked with Burberry for almost 20 years before leaving to start his own business. He graduated in Modern Languages from Cambridge followed by Russian in the Army. He is also the author for another book titled " Tales of a Grandfather"

Plus point

This makes for a great read and it's Burberry! Another great addition to your collection of fashion coffee table books

4. Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

Written by acclaimed journalist Dana Thomas, the book contrasts the careers of fashion's most provocative designers, McQueen and Galliano. It is a great read for people who don't know much about the two men but would love to and is also equally well suited for someone who wants to understand their work and journey.

Quick takeaways

The book can be considered as a biography of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano that is extremely well researched and truly thorough. If the genre appeals to you then you won't be able to put this book down.

About the author

Dana Thomas is Paris based fashion and culture journalist. She has a New York Times bestseller under her name and has also been recognised worldwide for her journalistic work.

Plus point

A great introduction for all those who are new to the world of fashion. And is a great addition to your stack of fashion coffee table books.

5. Shoe Dog

Essentially a memoir by Nike co-founder Phil Knight, this is one true story about grit, passion, and drama. The book teaches you about leadership and entrepreneurship and the same time inspires you to find your calling and just stick with it.

Quick takeaways

Understand what forms the heart of the soul of the shoe giant Nike. In the candid memoir by the co-founder himself, you can know about the evolution of an iconic and game-changing brand. It is well-written in a very engaging way that is both unvarnished and simple.

About the author

Phil Knight is the co-founder of Nike - a brand we all know, love, and proudly flaunt. The book sees him narrate his story in the first person.

Plus point

The book chronicles the evolution of Nike and makes for a great conversation at your next gathering (or Zoom) call.

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