5 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Living Room On a Budget

The room we spend the most time in is the living room, it is usually the largest room in the house and is the place where we spend the majority of our time, it should be an accessible place for the whole family whilst also having that personal touch. The signs that it needs a redo can be particularly telling, the furniture starts to get worn, the room itself seems to get smaller from all the unused clutter lying around and ultimately it just doesn’t bring you much joy anymore. However, the prospect of redecorating can be daunting, redesigning such a large and important room can be both a time consuming and costly endeavour. While a simple rearrange can give you a new perspective on the room, sometimes it takes a little more than that to change a room to be how you want it. Besides, a living room that isn’t comfortable is not worth staying in. It should be an open and inviting room for everyone, no matter who they are, old or young, big or small. So I have compiled a few handy inexpensive tips, tricks and ideas that should aid you in the process of restyling your living room in a cost effective and attainable way.

Maximising your space and layout

Before you begin, you should fully embrace the space that you’re working with. If you do not have as much room as you would like then there is no point pretending that you can fit large tables and chairs into the room, instead you should work with what you have got and try to cover any limitations where you feel it’s appropriate. It’s also important to understand what it is that you want from your own living space. For instance, in this new video conferencing era, if your chosen workspace is in the living room, you will have to bear this in mind while designing and rearranging things. You’ll have to bear in mind such things as what will be in your background while face timing at work and where to get appropriate lighting. While if you have a large family using the living room it’ll be just as important that the living room is accessible for every member, with particular attention being paid to the bear seating options, table sizes and decor on the wall.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the scope of a design, especially if you have a large living room. To make things more efficient, I would advise that you start with a focal point and work out from there, for instance you could start with the corner of the room or even the sofas, this helps the room to appear more spacious as well as looking very busy. Mixing up the areas of the living room can make it appear more cluttered and incoherent. Spread out specific items. If your particular living room does not allow you to spread out then that is okay, work around your limitations as much as you can. Adding small, simple things such as adding new ornaments to the mantelpiece or changing the colour of your cushions can establish a brand new look, which can completely change the mood of a room and give it an all new, all different, energy, which translates back to you and will help to give you new ideas when restyling the room.

Accessorise with Soft Furnishings

Changing up the soft furnishings you currently have like your cushions and rugs are a perfect way to add new elements of colour to your living room. Rugs in particular can be used for when you want to make a big statement with your soft furnishings, it completely changes the living room when utilised most effectively. You’ll want to think carefully about the colours you are using, don’t pick a completely solid colour like blue for instance, instead pick softer variations such as turquoise blue. Save the stronger colours for other rooms in your house like bathrooms and kitchens, as the strong colours can be very overwhelming for a living room.

Decorating with flowers can add a nice floral touch to your space, bringing the outdoors inside can help brighten up any room and provide a nice fragrance but it is particularly effective with the living room. Fresh flowers add a unique splash of colour and because they have to be changed regularly you can buy different types of colours depending on the time of year, this can help change the feel of your living room depending on the seasons, during winter you may want to try more subdued colours such as . If you are particularly busy and do not have time to look after flowers you can invest in some fake decorative ones which would be just as effective colour.

Revamp with New and Existing Furniture

A table can be a great piece to have in any living room, be it a small coffee table or a larger table akin to a dining table, they are a nice addition to the style of the room. You have to consider whether you would like a smaller table that allows for more space in the room, or a larger table which can seat the entire family. Too small and the table may not be able to fulfil its purpose properly but too large and it can become quite cumbersome to manoeuvre around. The solution is to compromise, find a table that suits your family's needs first and your living room’s aesthetic needs second. It’s more important to be accessible for the family than be an accessory for the room, however if you truly want both then consider getting a side table which should be the best of both worlds. Creating a proper seating space where everybody can relax is also crucial to a good living space, if you have older family members you will have to consider getting some specialist seating that is comfortable and easy for them to use whereas for younger members of the family you should consider seating that is smaller and more functional. Furniture can be both an aesthetic piece as well as functional. If you cannot afford to buy new furniture then you can always try to repurpose your old pieces by using new pillows or cushions to cover the old ones, using unique fabrics and designs can breath new life into an older sofa. Just try using your imagination and thinking outside of the box.


Lighting is a very important part of the room. If it is too dark then it won’t be a space that is used that often. You should be aiming to have a mixture of wall lights, table lights and lamps. Lamps can be considered decorative pieces in their own way, they can be a big part of the design of your living room if utilised correctly. It’s true that the main function is to light up the room but that doesn’t mean that they are not also an extra piece of furniture. A table lamp should not be used in this same manner and ideally should be used in the corner of the room instead, while a wall mounted light is a mixture of the two. Ideally all of these combined together can light up a room properly.

Setting the Mood and Ambience

If you are having trouble finding the funds to redecorate your living room then maybe you should consider some alternative ideas, get your DIY hat on and think about any wall art or shelves that you can hang up. Wall art doesn’t necessarily mean expensive paintings or photography for instance, you can hang up a quilt, display large mirrors or even old books stacked up on a shelf. It’s a great way to display things that you may have trouble storing and it gives the room a character that is specific to you. A little imagination about what you have hidden away in storage will go a long way in creating your own vision. It will also help save you money, which you can invest into other things in the living room. Candles are another great way of reinventing your living room as they are not only a great piece to display but they are also readily available and are incredibly cheap to buy. You can choose whatever size and colour suits your specific living room, for added effect you could even purchase scented candles to help establish the mood of your room even more. So if you are focusing on a floral theme buying candles that evoke the scent of flowers in the summer can be a nice piece for the room.

Perhaps the most important thing is that no matter what the design, you should be able to see yourself living in this space. If you cannot envisage being your new living room, then how can you possibly create it? This doesn’t mean that you have to display every family heirloom you have got or put up pictures of yourself everywhere to make it personal to you but if you find yourself drawn to a more minimalist style of room then that is the style you should be aiming to evoke, rather than trying something that you are not a particular fan of because that’s going to make you feel happy or comfortable, which is the most important aspect of redesigning a living room.

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