• Sally

5 Heart-Warming Sympathy Gift Ideas for a Grieving Friend

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Following the tragic loss of the father of a dear friend of mine, I was not only completely lost for words as one is never really prepared of how to react to a friend who’s recently lost a parent, but also stumped as what to gift (and not to gift) my grieving friend. My friend had kindly requested no flowers as her living room was already bursting to the seams with bouquets. So this made the task of finding a meaningful sympathy gift for my friend even more challenging. After doing some thorough research, I was able to collect some thoughtful sympathy gift ideas for a grieving friend which can help you to decide which would be the most appropriate gift to help express your affection, care and concern for a friend during a difficult time.

1. Sympathy Gift Hampers

A gift basket or hamper is a great way to give a selection of gifts for the entire family rather than for one person. These baskets usually consist of a range of food and items from fruit, biscuits to tea and cake. You can also customise and make your own DIY sympathy gift basket - the choices are endless.

2. Make a Donation

This was a sympathy gift idea that hadn’t crossed my mind and was something that I had overlooked until the very idea was put forward by my own mother. I reached out to my grieving friend and asked if she would prefer a charitable donation in memory of her late father rather than a floral arrangement and she loved the idea and had recommend a charity that was close to her father’s heart – Diabetes UK. If you’re unsure of how to approach this sympathy gift idea to your grieving friend, always ask if in doubt. Chances are they would appreciate the gesture.

3. Care Package

Another great sympathy gift idea which shows you are thinking of your grieving friend are gift or care packages. Similar to a sympathy gift basket, these care packages come packed with items that help to show your support by bringing comfort, inspiration and even motivation to your grieving friend following the loss of a loved one with gifts such as candles, face masks, bath sets, creams and lotions. These are great gifts to help your grieving friend and bring light into their life and show that you care. Sometimes our own needs tend to become neglected and put on the back burner during difficult times that your grieving friend would appreciate such a gesture of a care package loaded with bathroom and healing essentials. If you can’t get your hands on a care package, why not create your own packed with essentials and items that you know your close friend would love and appreciate.

4. Something Handmade

By gifting something that’s been handmade makes it more meaningful which always tend to well-received because of the level of time and effort it shows. This could be anything from a homemade meal, baked snacks to a handwritten note for your grieving friend. With everything becoming digitalized, we can tend to forget how the simple act of writing a card or letter or even making something ourselves can make the world of a difference. Why not write your friend a card, make her a meal or better yet both! If you aren’t the creative, crafty type, there’s always Etsy which has an array of handmade sympathy gift ideas.

5. Personalised Jewellery

Sometimes a piece of jewellery which can be worn close to the heart can make for the perfect sympathy gift. Whether it be a personalised memorial necklace, ring, or bracelet, these gifts can last a lifetime (unlike flowers) and is a perfect way to help keep the memories of your grieving friend’s loved one alive and close to them. A beautiful piece of jewellery can become a treasured gift and is something that will be used for years to come.