5 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Boots to Rock This Autumn

As we arrive in this autumn season with a fresh new attitude on making positive changes, whilst admiring the various shades of leaves shed from the trees and watching the gorgeous heat of the summer sun slowly coming to a close, if there is one thing that can be said right now, this is the time to get out the storage flatpack bags and start to make room for our autumn/winter frocks and comfy winter boots.

Boots have always been a key item of footwear every woman should have in their wardrobe whether it is a boot with a kitten heel, pointy toe boots, Chelsea boots, platform boots even knee-highs, it’s an item to treasure throughout all seasons.

Created in numerous fabrics such as leather, suede, PVC and many more fabrics you can think of, there is no denying that we should all take the time and think about our production processes and how we should all encourage sustainable approaches. Imagine the animals used, how the materials were produced to create the boots, the chemicals which played a part in its production process and how the workers were treated and paid for their time.

Of course, when buying boots, you want to ensure it holds good quality, long-lasting, fashionable and with a stylish appeal, but step outside yourself and think about the journey process it takes to arrive at the high street. We should all work together and introduce eco-conscious ways to make eco-friendly boots which is harmless to the planet.

The year 2020 has taken such a dramatic turn and has stunned all of us by its transformation with the spread of this virus which has turned our world upside down but has shaped us to focus on recycling, upcycling as well as investing in products that can last long. It is about being more understanding and making a conscious decision into what products we buy.

In the fashion industry, more brands are becoming aware and taking the time to stop and make a change into adapting to new and sufficient strategies with regards to eco-friendly and sustainable approaches, to make the economic change for a better environment.

Moving into the future, more brands are popping out of the wood-work and entering the eco-friendly route as we all need to encourage one another and think about how much difference it can make for the people who originally make our clothing and footwear, ensuring the workers are received reasonable pay in order to look after their families and in safe environmental conditions that are not harmful to them or others.

With that being said, have a look at the selection below of 5 chosen best eco-friendly boots and outfit ideas which possess comfortability, good quality but more importantly have you rocking in style this autumn season “must-have” items.

Timberland- Mount Maddsen Gore-Tex Black Hike Boot - £135

Approach this Autumn season with a smile and check out Maddsen Gore-Tex black Hike boot from Timberland’s Earth Keepers collection. This boot is a great item for the outdoors, not only are you doing your part for the environment and taking the eco-conscious approach but allowing yourself to walk in comfort and ease. Made from waterproof full-grain better leather, this boot is created using harmless environmental techniques to reduce the amount of waste and water during the production process. You'll find good wearability in these boots and they work perfectly well with jeans and combat trousers.

Beyond Skin - Indie Black Lace-Up High Heel Vegan Boots - £290

Focus your attention on the Indie Black Lace Up Boots by Beyond Skin with its stylish chunky heel and black faux shearling. These boots will step you out of comfort zone and have you walking down the street with strong confidence. Made from black vegan leather, it's water-resistant so it's ideal to handle harsh weather conditions. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) approved vegan as a useful alternative to animal-derived fabrics such as leather, fur, silk, bone and many more. You can wear these vegan boots with tailored culottes, a jumpsuit or how about the silky-smooth pleated skirts which show off your curves. These eco-friendly boots make for the perfect statement accessory to have this season that keeps you warm, comfy and looking good all day.

Green Shoes – Bryony Boot - £375

Take a look at the Bryony Boot from the Vegan collection at Green shoes. Stroll in these beautiful, easy-going, comfortable casual eco-friendly boots with its wrap leather tongue and buckled straps. Made from vegan microfibres. Each pair is unique in its own way, providing the customer with nothing but style confidence. If you're someone who is all about practicality and comfortability, then these are boots for you, a “must-have” for this winter. Ideally, this is an investment piece to cosy up with fitted jeans, an oversized jumper with one of your favourite snoods and your good-to-go in the cold seasons.

Dr Martens – Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots - £179

Step into the iconic remake of Jadon Boot with Dr Martens' Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots which has the style 1460’s stands out details such as its strong, durable platform sole with grooved edges. Made from vegan-friendly material called Felix Rub Off. A statement piece beyond measure, easy to wear and matches well with any outfit. These eco-friendly boots are sure to be an investment item to treat yourself with.

Everlane – The Rain Boot - £60

As the weather changes this season, look out for The Rain Boot from Everlane. Made from 100% natural rubber, affordable, comfortable and good quality with a spongy insole. Built to wear in severe rainy weather conditions especially UK weather where you go through four seasons in a day at times. These vegan/eco-friendly boots match very well with jeans and legwarmers if you are feeling in a snuggly mood. Available in variations of colours such as Black, Stone, Toffee and Pink.

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