6 Tips To Kickstart Your Plant-Based Diet Plan Today

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If you’re contemplating a plant-based diet plan and what it takes to make that change in your life, it really is easier than it really seems. The trick is to make small, easy changes and these helpful tips will give you the kickstart you’re looking for.

1. Switch your cow’s milk

The first and, in my opinion, easiest step in transforming your diet is switching out cow’s milk for one of the many plant milks on the market today. I personally like to use different milks for different things, for example in my tea and coffee I will use oat milk as it is probably the creamiest plant milk. There are so many brands bringing out all kinds of plant milks to use as part of your plant-based diet plan, from coconut milk to chocolate soya milk to hemp milk. Depending on what is important to you, whether that’s sustainability or a protein-rich diet, you can do your research, choose your plant alternative and say goodbye to cow’s milk.

2. Baking without eggs

Vegan recipes and baking ideas are really simple - there is no need to use eggs anymore with the help of these three substitutes:

  1. Mix 1 tbsp of chia seeds/ground flax seeds with 3 tbsp water/milk per egg (wait 10 minutes until it thickens into a gel like texture)

  2. Half a large mashed ripe banana per egg

  3. ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce per egg

3. Vegan kitchen swaps

There are so many vegan versions of your everyday kitchen products that taste pretty much exactly the same. Some of the most well-known household brands are even bringing out vegan alternatives of their much-loved products, so it has never been easier to make the change! Start by swapping your butter or mayonnaise and you won’t notice the difference. Trying with these easy, unnoticeable swaps at home is a great place to begin your journey with an effective plant-based diet plan.

4. Dining out vegan style

This is such an important step if you’re really passionate about your plant-based diet plan. If you’re eating at a restaurant or ordering takeaway, it is really tempting to order whatever your heart desires, however, choosing the vegan or even the veggie option is a great way to taste the amazing types of food that you could be eating every day. Discover, experiment and learn about how to cook veggie/vegan style! One massive tip here is to check the menu of any restaurant beforehand to ensure they have a tasty looking menu that caters for vegans/vegetarians, this will make choosing the meat-free option much easier.

5. Snacking

Plant-based snacking is so easy. Brands have truly mastered the art of creating delicious, indulgent vegan snacks. If you’re craving a chocolate brownie or a bag of cheesy crisps, you will not be disappointed. There is a lot of choice in all supermarkets and you would even be surprised to find out which of your favourite snacks are already vegan making them a perfect addition to your plant-based diet plan (who would have thought that many prawn cocktail crisps are vegan friendly!). Be wise about your snacking choices and there is nothing you will be missing out on.

6. Re-create your favourite dishes

If you’re giving up meat and dairy, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite homecooked meals. You can have endless fun trying and tasting alternatives to meat. I was mind blown when I tried chickpea ‘tuna’ mayo for the first time, it is packed with protein and tastes just like tuna! Some other ideas to try are tofu scramble instead of scrambled eggs and BBQ pulled jackfruit to take the place of pulled pork. These substitutes taste just like the real thing, but for the most part are much healthier, why not have a go yourself?

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