• Sally

7 Ways On How to Be a Classy Woman

Ever wondered what it really means to be a classy and elegant lady? With standards of grace and poise, combined with the forgotten art of femininity which has become a rare commodity these days, we have listed the top 7 ways on how to be a classy woman.

1. Having proper table manners and etiquette

This should already be a given, but have you ever dined at a classy, sophisticated restaurant (think Mayfair, London) that you were just dying to go to with one of your girlfriends that you hadn’t seen in years to realise that they eat rather unladylike that it just throwed you off completely? I certainly have and it can really ruin the night, especially when you pride yourself on all things poise and elegance and upholding strong values when it comes to being the classy lady that you are. Table manners and etiquette shouldn’t be regarded as something boring and old school but rather something that can easily be learnt and incorporated into your daily life.

Having proper table manners can also make the meal and evening more enjoyable, where you are seen as a high-calibre and refined woman with your approach to life which can really say a lot about you as a person.

2. Not just a pretty face

While looking chic plays a huge part in being a classy woman, there should be more to a woman than meets the eye. Often these ladies are mysterious and intriguing as they seem to have many hidden gifts where they do not necessarily display these talents in vain but rather work in silence and achieve success day in and day out. This can take many different forms, whether it be attempting to learn a new language, advancing and progressing further into their career, launching their own business, improving their culinary skills in the kitchen, learning a new musical instrument instead of simply laying in front of the TV and watching Netflix and YouTube videos all day. A classy woman is cultured and has an appreciation for learning and educating herself and enjoying the simple things in life.

3. Dress the part

I think we can all admit that on some level style and fashion has evolved over the years and most often than not for the worse. There seems to be a very casual approach to dressing appropriately these days and for the right occasion – whether it be at the office, picking up your kids from school, or simply being out running errands. A classy woman is always well put together and this does not necessarily mean being decked out in designer wear but rather looking feminine, clean, neat, and tidy at all times when it comes to maintaining your hair, skin, nails and dress. Whether we like it or not, we are judged by the way that we look, where we tend to make judgements about people in a split-second so do bear this in mind when you think of running out of the house in your yoga pants. Ladies, yoga pants should only be reserved for the gym and exercising and not as an excuse to run errands in.

Investing in some staple items or even creating a capsule wardrobe to help you streamline your outfits to look elegant and chic with minimal effort can really help you stay looking sharp all year round. What’s not deemed elegant is dressing vulgar and provocatively and showing a lot of skin and cleavage which can most often than not send the wrong message. And I think we’ve all seen these types of women simply by scrolling through the explore page on Instagram. Not a good look. Word of warning: Keep it clean ladies!

4. Well-spoken and eloquent

Have you met and come across a classy woman that swore like a sailor with expletives flying left, right and centre? Me neither. Nobody’s perfect and we are all guilty of shouting the occasional F-bomb once in a while but being conscious of the fact that you swore will make it much easier to help clean up your language. Especially if you have small children, they absorb new words and phrases like a sponge and in order to set a good example, we must refrain from using curse words. I have personally Googled alternative swear words that aren’t actual swear words because it was difficult to go completely cold turkey. Reading books and learning new words will most certainly help expand your vocabulary. Being mindful of tone of voice, intonation and level of pitch are also critical to help you to come across as being the classy lady that you are. You do not want to sound like a Valley High school girl with your OMGs, Likes, So, He said, She said. Ladies, get your head in those books.

5. Deportment and posture

With everyone glued to their smartphones and electronic devices, posture has almost become an afterthought. We have seen it everywhere from heads kneeled, hunched shoulders to slouched postures. Having bad body language can most certainly repel people from approaching you as you look rather disengaged and not at all present. Not good if you’re single and looking to meet an eligible partner because really, who in their right mind would want to strike up a conversation with a Miss-I’m-Too-Busy-And-Not-Interested kind of woman?

How you can counter this is to simply catch yourself during the day when you are most likely to retreat and slouch as it often feels more natural and comfortable to let your posture go especially when nobody is looking. Refrain from slouching by unhunching your shoulders and rolling them back, giving your head and neck a bit of a stretch. This will ultimately help to train yourself to be more consciously aware of your posture. We were always told in school to “sit up straight” and there may very well have been a good reason for that other than the obvious health benefits for our spine and back, but to also help us look more alert, engaged and present.

6. Self-respect

A classy woman knows her worth and most certainly does not grovel to get a man’s attention nor is desperate to win the attention of her peers. Especially when it’s not reciprocated. We have all encountered these strong and independent women at some point in our lives and most probably know of said ladies where they are impassive to certain situations that no longer serve them. It’s much better to take the high road than to stay in relationships and friendships that have seen their better days. This also applies to career and job prospects; classy and poised women know their worth in the workplace and spot opportunities that can ultimately help them to excel further into their career and chosen path. This can mean leaving a 9-to-5 job that no longer serves you and going for a better, higher-paying position, putting yourself forward for that promotion, or starting your own business and launching that side hustle that you’ve been putting off for the past 2 years. One thing I would like to add is that poised and elegant women most certainly do not follow the pact and this is what makes them intriguing. They like their alone time (whilst not being a hermit of course) which allows them the time and energy to rejuvenate and recharge and focus on other pursuits that bring them joy and satisfaction.

7. Offer a Helping Hand

While we do not condone saying yes to every obligation that comes your way and ultimately burning the candle at both ends, classy and elegant women do not shy away from getting stuck in and lending a helping hand to those that need it the most. Whether it be volunteering at your local homeless shelter, helping a friend in need or even offering to do the weekly shop for your elderly neighbour, classy and elegant ladies enjoy helping others and thus making the world a better place. A good role model in this instance would be none other than Princess Diana. While she had a very charitable and caring nature, she also exuded poise and elegance which she did so effortlessly. These types of women are often those that do these small acts of kindness in silence and behind closed doors. There’s simply no need to shout out to the world that you’re being charitable as it can come across as rather ingenuine.

So the next time you are heading out to the supermarket, why not ask Mrs Smith across the street if she would like for you to grab anything for her. Classy women always have a warm presence about them where they always seem to make the world a far more safer and happier place.