Accessories: Top 5 Statement Jewellery to Rock in 2021

Hey girls! I have picked out five jewellers that I believe we all need to know about in order to make a statement in 2021. They can all be found and shopped online, no need for your masks. As well as this, I have also included the ways in which we can look stylish, aid sustainability, and support smaller businesses (through the likes of Etsy). It’s essential that we do our best to help the planet by buying sustainable upcycled or recycled jewellery.

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader (MV) is a British jewellery brand and my ultimate favourite when it comes to earrings and rings, with majority of my everyday rings from Monica Vinader and plenty more on my wish list makes it my ‘go-to’ jewellery brand.

In April this year, 2020, MV also transitioned to manufacturing all their jewellery in 100% recycled sterling silver and gold vermeil. You can find out more about their sustainability on their website linked here. They also give you the option to recycle any of your unwanted gold and silver jewellery with them.

'London-based designer Monica Vinader has won admirers worldwide thanks to her distinct designs which bridge the gap between fine jewellery and fashion.' – Selfridges & Co

MV creates everything from instantly wearable, contemporary pieces to style, stack, and personalisation with engraving. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is famed for often wearing Monica Vinader earrings – so ladies, if its good enough for a Princess and future Queen, then it is for us too!

The Great Frog

The Great Frog is a jeweller that started making handmade jewellery in their London workshop in 1972. Collaborating with monolithic bands and ingenious bike builders, if you’re someone who is after a more edgy, Rock ‘n’ Roll-style jewellery, then The Great Frog could be the place for you. The jewellery is one you’ll have to save up for, however well worth the price tag.

‘The Great Frog is an institution ingrained with an authenticity you can’t replicate.’ – The Great Frog

With over 50 original rings to choose from, including an array of stunning skull jewellery, flaming heart pedants and rings that look like David Bowies eye, you will definitely make a statement with a piece of this exceptionally, wonderfully niche jewellery. Definitely one to add to the list.

Tiffany and Co.

It goes without saying really, we’re all familiar with this luxury jewellers, but I just had to include them anyway. Tiffany and Co. jewellery has always been an iconic and classy affair at the heart of the jewellery world, with its first ever store opening in 1837 it remains well regarded and loved. For a timeless classic, Tiffany & Co is the place to look whether it’s for yourself or somebody special.

Tiffany jewellery has been worn by many celebrities over the years, including Audrey Hepburn, when Tiffany made its cinematic debut in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. Tiffany and Co go way beyond their signature Pantone Tiffany Blue hue. They strive to be sustainable and protect the planet. Read more about their actions and aims to do so here.

Wolf and Badger

Wolf and Badger are a global online marketplace for independent brands. They pride themselves on this declaration ‘We provide a platform which takes the effort out of finding and sourcing sustainably and ethically produced jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware and beauty, without compromising on quality and design.’

They also guarantee that their business model was formulated to work harmoniously with the environment and local communities, rather than exploiting them. Find out more about this innovative company here. Wolf and Badger offer a variety of jewellery and rings embedded with stones such as Sapphire, Emerald or Topaz. They also include ‘Sustainability Statues’ with alternatives such as Organic, Non-Toxic dyes and Vegan options too. Wolf and Badger is also easily affordable, with pages of pretty jewellery for under £50.


Lastly but by no means least we have Missoma. This jewellers aims to evoke confidence in both men and women, aiming to create contagious confidence for everyone, every day. Missoma’s collections are so diverse that there really will be something for everyone. Their rings include stackable, signet to statement ones, allowing you to style them just how you wish.

‘I want to remind other women of their own creativity and power. Expressing my creativity through design has helped me on my own journey to inner confidence.’ - Marisa Hordern, Founder & Creative Director.

Missoma even did their bit for the Covid-19 Virus by supporting two charities in the UK and India, for each one order made across the months of April, May and June Missoma donated two meals to those in need. So, if that’s not enough to make you want to browse their jewellery and treat yourself to something dazzling then I don’t know what is. Read more here about this charitable and empowering brand.

As much as us girls love a statement piece of jewellery whether it be a ring, earrings, necklace etc, it’s important to realise that there are other places that make and sell our desired pieces from either recycled or upcycled materials. Upcycled is now perceived to be of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value. Places like Etsy and ASOS sell jewellery which is sustainable, unique, or can even be customised.

Etsy is the place to support independent makers (and it is extremely important that we do so), with handmade jewellery created with lots of love and the chance to buy one-of-a-kind pieces. Etsy also have a wide range of good sustainable and economical jewellery to choose from.

ASOS’ Reclaimed Vintage is another great place to look if you’re after some vintage inspired additions to your jewellery box, beautiful and inexpensive, from bold to delicate - it’s a good place to check out if you’re after a piece of jewellery with some character.

Until then, have a Happy New Year lovelies and stay safe!

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