Back to School Gift Ideas For No Matter Where They’re Headed

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Back to school is usually pretty tough for everyone involved. When you throw in a global pandemic and social distancing restrictions, it makes it damn near impossible to get motivated. Here’s why I’ve found a few products that will make the return a little bit easier, whether you’re in the classroom, still stuck on zoom calls in your bedroom or having to have a socially distanced freshers week.

For the ones back in the classroom

Personalised Monogram Initial Mask

I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been for children over lockdown. Suddenly you’ve gone from eating and touching everything to having to have the cleanest hands in the world. With school starting again, many schools are introducing social distancing policies in the classroom. As kids are famously not the most sanitary, a mask, especially with their own little initials on them, will help keep them motivated to stay hygienic. On top of that, it’ll be much easier to see if they’ve swapped it with their friends like some sort of pandemic trading card game.

Buy the Personalised Monogram Initial Mask on Firebox for £9.99 here

Nike HyperCharge Water Bottle with Straw

Over Lockdown, kids have hopefully had the opportunity to stay relatively healthy, thanks to workout livestreams and overbearing parents digging deep into their Jamie Oliver cookbooks. A great way to keep up that health kick when school starts again is to get them a water bottle. Not only will it save on waste and keep them hydrated, but this Nike water bottle with a straw attached means that their grubby fingers won’t constantly act as a health risk.

Refillable Sanitiser Bottles with Carabiner

Again, sticking with the theme that kids aren’t the most hygenic, they’ll probably not always be in an environment where they can wash their hands or have a jug of sanitiser nearby. To help solve that, these tiny refillable bottles are perfect for filling up with sanitiser and the carabiner will allow for easy attaching to their bag, pencil case or Beyblade set.

For the ones stuck on Zoom (still)

Modetro Sports Posture Corrector

For those of us still stuck on Zoom, whether it’s for school or University, you’re probably spending most of your day at your desk, staring into your laptop. With that in mind, a great way to ensure that your posture doesn’t reach Gollum levels is to buy a posture corrector. This piece of kit saved my back after my first year of University, and I wear it every day during ‘office hours’. It’s entirely adjustable and can be modified to whatever level of correction you need.

Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand

Another great way to keep your posture in check while you spend your day muting and unmuting yourself on Zoom calls is to buy a laptop stand. Laptop stands work by keeping your eye level higher than usual, which in turn will improve posture for both your neck and back. Additionally, the sleek design comes in many colours and can perfectly compliment your desk.

OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

Try as we might to be healthy during the work day, we British people invariably spend our lunch hours sitting at our desk, either rushing to finish work or refreshing our social media sites. To avoid the messiness of your fourth piece of toast, this OXO laptop cleaner is perfect for removing all potential crumb-related debris. Also it is small and sleek enough to keep in a drawer, ready at a moment’s notice.

For the ones headed to new pastures

Oblio Phone Sanitiser and Wireless Charger

In this global pandemic, my deepest sympathies lie with incoming University students. As a whole, University students are not meant to be clean or socially distanced, and with nightclubs closed and parties off limits, it’s important to make sure their rooms are as clean and homely as possible. This Oblio device not only acts as a sanitiser for your phone but also acts as a wireless charger. In addition, it looks extremely chic and will turn even the smallest of University rooms into one fit for the pages of Architectural Digest.

Buy the Oblio Phone Sanitiser and Wireless Charger for £79.99 here

Hay Medium Kaleido Tray

University students have many stereotypes, one of them being their usual lack of organisation. On top of folders containing all of their lectures that they probably won’t get around to reading, keeping their room organised is a great way to keep their mental health in check as the year progresses. A small tray, like this one by Hay is perfect to keep their keys, wallets and miscellaneous student memorabilia in check. The tray comes in many colours and sizes and can act as a sort of sanitary station when entering their room.

Buy the Hay Medium Kaleido Tray for £25 here

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Since big parties and clubbing at University is a no go, students will have to find their own way to party safely. A speaker, like this UE Boom 2, which comes highly recommended by many University students, is a great way to make sure their kitchen or room can still have some sort of festivity ambiance. The UE Boom 2 comes in a range of colours and sizes. Just make sure the volume is low when wardens come to your door.

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