Cool and Quirky Cafe Shops in London to Help Beat the Winter Chills

With the cold season (almost) upon us, I’m sure we will all be on the lookout for a cosy café to escape the cold weather and fill ourselves with something warm and sweet. Being a country known for their for culture of tea drinking, there are lots of places to choose from when it comes to having a nice cup of tea. But fear not, here is a list I have compiled of 5 unique cafés that may help you narrow down your search. Each offers a distinctive experiences in their comfy surroundings as well as many of their wonderful treats to savour.

Opening times and service, may be reduced and/or limited due to the current guidelines and restrictions put in place since the outbreak COVID-19. Please take care if you are out and about in the city; stay safe for the protection of yourself and others but do also make time to enjoy your travels, adventure, and exploration.

Host Café £

St Mary Aldermary, Watling St, London EC4M 9BW

Host Café is most unique as it is located in a church. Just a walk from Mansion House and Cannon Street station, in the shadows of St Paul’s stands St Mary Aldermany. When you walk inside, you will see a beautiful church of ornate Gothic design that offers a peaceful place of quite solitude for the busy Londoner, as well as a warm cup of coffee. The café is set up near the entrance with seating large and small, but you are also welcomed to sit in the pews with your cup and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the church. They have a great selection of coffee and teas as well as sweet treats for you to enjoy. Lunch is severed from 11 am to 3 pm, but you are welcome to bring in your own food! The café is closed on the weekends however, as it still runs as a functioning church which again you are welcome to join and discover. During this very difficult time, the resident priest is on hand every day for the service of any customers who wishes to talk or feels the need of fellowship. This is not just a café but it is also a community.

best cafes in London

Best Cafes in London

L’eto Caffe ££

Multiple locations: Brompton, Soho, King's Road, Belgravia, and Mayfair

This unique eatery with several branches around London offers delicious food and cakes in a beautiful contemporary and stylish atmosphere. Their amazing cakes and sweet treats, known to be the best in London, are spread out in a window display so attractively that I dare anyone to walk past and not be tempted. The café has a spring floral décor as a charming flowery aesthetic, ready for your Instagram photo opportunity. And the food is just as good as the décor as L’eto serves up food and drinks of all kinds with an Italian/Mediterranean flair. Enjoy breakfasts from around the world with eggs or pancakes prepared and served in different ways for brunch. Now they also have their new Wellbeing menu which serve nutritious meals that do not compromise on taste. Their beverages are just as varied as their food with old classics and new unique drinks that delight all the senses. A must try is the Magic Violet Tea; served in a glass tea pot, with a small milk jug of syrup, which when mixed together in the glass tea cup, changes colour to a stunning violet liquid. And it taste as good as it looks. Everything does!

Peyton and Byrne Bakeries ££

Multiple locations: Great Portland St. and Greenwich

This lovely café welcomes customers with its bright décor and modern style providing a cosy yet open atmosphere to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and scrumptious food. Peyton and Byrne call themselves a ‘Modern British Bakery’, priding themselves in serving classic British food with modern style and flair. Enjoy traditional treats such as carrot cake, lemon drizzle, and coffee and walnut all homemade and designed to tantalise sight as well as taste. With a good selection of teas and a large choice of delicious cakes and scones, enjoy afternoon tea for that uniquely British experience in an informal and casual way. This beautiful café prides itself with making food from only the best natural ingredients. And ingredients that are home grown for that distinctive British taste.

Gail’s Bakery ££

Multiple locations across London

Gail’s Bakery is a café chain known for its passion for bread. Sounds a little strange but when you see their cakes, breads and pastries, you can see the care they put in to it. They are also more than just a coffee shop as they dedicate themselves to being that ‘neighbourhood café’ that is a part of communities and everyone’s everyday life. With a minimal yet rustic décor, the atmosphere allows people to relax and feel comfortable so you can go in for tea with friends or with your laptop to work remotely at ease. Open early in the day to allow for the food to be fresh, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch knowing the meal is homemade. Gail’s is not just an eatery but also a grocers dedicated to providing communities with fresh and natural produce. So you can buy your daily bread, flour, jams, and biscuits to remake that café experience at home. With several locations all over London, find your closet one and enjoy the experiences of Gail’s.

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