Fitness Trends: What’s New in Fitness For September 2020?

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From the supplements worthy of a top shelf in your bathroom to the best new fitness trends, workouts and athleisurewear, here’s what you need to know about in the world of health and well-being this September.


Lumity’s formula includes vitamins A, C and D plus the minerals selenium and zinc, which are a powerhouse combination that contribute to immune health, helping you stay fit, healthy and strong inside and out.

Lumity Morning & Night Female is a comprehensive supplement for women that delivers multiple benefits with targeted 24/7 nutrient rich support. Lumity’s formula improves; focus, brain health & energy; immunity; stronger bones, muscles and teeth; & enhanced quality of life.

Lumity's unique twice-daily delivery system consists of two different teams of the highest quality nutrients. These work in tandem with the circadian rhythm at a cellular level to support the body’s different needs throughout the day and night. Contains a scientifically calibrated blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, quality omegas and essential nutrients. Get better as you age.

Usual price is £225 (Save £45 when you subscribe)


Peloton is the latest chic addition and one of many fitness trends when it comes to spinning, following the successful launches of US chains Barry’s Bootcamp and Soulcycle. Peloton brings the community and excitement of boutique fitness into the home.

You can purchase the bike for at home use in one purchase or split the payments for as low as £45 month. Your purchase can also include accessories such as shoes, weights, bike mats and water bottles.

With the Peloton All-Access Membership, you’ll get access to our entire library of live and on demand classes, individual user profiles for everyone in your household and free use of the Peloton App with the ability to take workouts from your phone, smartwatch, tablet and TV.

There’s also the new bike plus which combines immersive cardio and strength, and the new Treadmill which launches on Boxing Day 2020, perfect to kick start the new year.

There are several stores launching in London, with branches at Spitalfields and on the King’s Road, perfect if you want to try before you buy.

You’ll be exhausted, but it’s addictive - you’ve been warned!

Oura Ring

A complete body tracker that analyses your body activity, function, breath and sleep including your circadian rhythm and whether or not you’ve drunk too much! This may seem a little intense but if you’re looking to improve your performance or pay closer attention to exactly how your body works for you, it’s definitely one of the best fitness trends out there and is worth a try. Oura already has Prince Harry as a fan.

The ring tracks ambient body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, calorie burn, inactive time and much more! Use this to track peak performance, and the ring can be worn for seven days on any finger before needing to be charged again.

Bayou With Love

Founded and run by designer, actress and environmentalist Nikki Reed, Bayou With Love focuses on sustainable production, conscious sourcing and supporting local artisans to reflect a beautiful world in which we continuously reuse resources and work towards zero waste.

Bayou was founded in an effort to achieve the very balance we find in nature, in the fashion world. Galvanized by the desire to create harmonious moments between how we feel, and what we wear.

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us and motivated by the lack of earth-conscious options, Bayou With Love was born. The ethos and inspiration of Bayou is manifested in every design we offer and possesses an energy that cannot be replicated.

Bayou with Love have now started to launch their Athleisure range, which include sport bras and leggings that allow you to move and stretch differently, as well as being completely ethical and sustainable. Check these two out:



Deliciously Ella Mobile App

If you’re in the know when it comes to everything health, fitness and well-being and being in the know with all the fitness trends out there, you’ll probably already know the name Ella Woodward, heir to the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and the founder of Deliciously Ella. She’s best known for her wide range of cookbooks and products, however her latest mobile app has a brand new redesign since officially launching two years ago.

There are over 400 healthy plant-based recipes with instructional videos, meal planners and shopping lists.

The features include a wellness section with meditation and 40+ yoga videos ranging from 10-40 minutes with beginner’s videos to help anyone new to the practice, more advanced classes for those wishing to progress, and a wide range of morning and evening practices to help you start and end your day. There’s also an in-app podcast on health and wellness, the ability to change between metric and imperial measurements and the app is updated weekly with new content.

Monthly subscription starts from a free one week trial then just 0.99 a month after trial ends.

Misfits Nutrition

Misfits is the latest nutrition range that covers body, mind, gut, energy, calm, sleep and defence.

Their products include protein powder, protein bars and hangover remedy capsules.

Made with ingredients you know and recognise, Misfits ingredients are all natural, gluten and dairy free and suitable for vegans.

Each protein bar packs an impressive 15g of protein, less than 1g of sugar and 8g of fibre, the perfect combination to refuel post-workout or to keep you going in between meals. Flavours include chocolate caramel, chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate salted peanut, and chocolate orange.

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