Get Organised: Easy Handbag Storage Ideas

A staple in everyone’s fashion diet, your handbags do not only supply you with the practical needs but also provides you with the statement eye-candy you need for every occasion. Just like taking care of our cars, houses or ourselves, your handbags requires that level of care too. Here are some handy tips a handbag enthusiast (like me) has picked up over the years.

Always time for bubbles: Air cushions or bubble packaging

Air pockets or air cushions can be brought online from Amazon or from most packaging companies. They are also known as bubble packaging. You will be familiar with these when ordering something online as most retailers use them as fillers in their packages.

Since my handbag collection has grown (and is still growing!) I have got into the habit of saving these air pockets from my online purchases (which, by the way, is very environmentally friendly - extra brownie points for recycling), so I do not have to purchase them separately. They are the best for keeping your bags in shape and holding them up. Some of these air pockets come individually or perforated like the ones pictured below. The perforated ones are the best in my opinion as you can rip off as much as you need and keep the rest for next time.

Bubble wrap is also a good option to use if you do not want to use the air pockets since it does the same job and is durable too. Here are some before and after shots of how air pockets take care of your bags. I have used them in my Mulberry Bayswater. You can see the difference it makes; without using any kind of stuffing the bag will lose its shape quickly and its much harder to regain that shape quickly again without having to visit a restoration specialist and end up paying a hefty sum.

The air pockets in my opinion work best in sturdy bags like the Bayswater. Air pockets are also good for leather (or most other sturdy materials) bags as they do not scratch the leather and will hold the bag up on its own and in their dust bags.

Another example where air pockets are great, are bags that have the zipped compartments like the weekend bag below. The pockets come in handy as in this case the bag does not have a traditional shape and will need the support to stay up when not in use. Without the air pockets the base of the bag is susceptible to losing its shape quickly.

That’s a wrap: Tissue paper

Another way to keep the shape of your bags is by using tissue paper which retailers also use to fill packages or wrap up items in most online packages. The tougher the paper, the better at holding the shape of your bag. The best way to get the best out of this method is to roll the paper up (as if you are rolling dough out) and then place inside the bag for the best shape. I find using tissue paper is good for bags that are an odd shape and are made of synthetic materials like the one below.

The dust off: Dust bags/covers

If your bags happen to already come with dust bags, then happy days! If not, help is at hand. I find old T-shirts make great dust covers as they are environmentally-friendly (no unnecessary landfill waste), machine washable and cheap to make. The environment and your purse will thank you in the long run. They are easy to make as you only need to stitch up the arm and neck holes. I have used the T-shirt cover on the weekend bag and as you see it gives great coverage to a larger bag and one that has an odd shape to it.

Zip it: Zip lock bags

My recent favourites for handbag storage are zip lock bags. Again, you do not need to necessarily buy them, I have saved some from my online purchases. Not only does the plastic protect it from the dust it is also durable, and the bags are able to stand up well.

As mentioned earlier, my collection of handbags is ever-growing and clear zip lock bags help me find and see which bags I do have as and when I need them. They are also good to have if you just want to gush at them like I do!

I have found that zip lock bags work for traditional and non-traditional shaped bags. If there is room left over in the bag like below you can put a flatter bag inside it too, which will also save you space. This does depend on the overall size of the bag so its best to always check as you don’t want the bags to lose their shapes.

Just like our traditional dust covers and bags the zip lock bag is excellent at holding up bags. Pictured below are several different bags including clutch bags and shoulder bags, which are faring well in them. This is the best way to maximise storage in your wardrobe for storing your handbags.

All boxed up: Storing smaller bags

So far, I have shown you how to store most standard-sized bags, but if you are like me and you have bags in all shapes and sizes including smaller-sized bags, then my next tip will help you maximise storage space in or out of your wardrobe.

To store smaller or flatter bags, I have found storage boxes (pictured below) have really come in handy as I can use the outside wardrobe space for much bigger bags or bags that cannot be laid flat.

You can see the difference between the layouts of the bags and how much better it is for the bags to be laid out in the second set of pictures. They can retain their shape in this way as well as saving you lots of space.

It’s also easier to keep track of the bags you have and to choose which one will get their next outing.

Get in line: Maximising storage space

I touched on the point of maximising space earlier and I think the below picture of my wardrobe space will show you just that. Having your bags stand up next to each other means you can store as many bags as possible without them losing their shape and makes them look neat and tidy. As I like to say, a tidy wardrobe is a happy wardrobe which equals a happy you!

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