Home Decor: The Best Indoor Plants to Refresh Your Home

With autumn officially sprung and cold breezy days ahead, why not bring a bit of a warmer summery feel inside your home and transform your space with a selection of house plants? Not only will you be instantly transported to a beautiful tropical paradise island which is totally Instagramable, surrounding yourself with leafy greens can actually purify the air you are in and encourage positive mental health. It’s time to create your own jungle with some of the best indoor plants out there!

Snake plant

Botanical name: Sansevieria trifasciata

The snake plant is easy peasy to look after - it requires minimal care and watering and likes all light conditions. As it stores up oxygen during the day and releases it into the air at night, make this a bedroom plant to aid sleep and breathing.

Peace lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

The exotic peace lily is a brilliant air purifier, filtering any toxins from the surrounding air. It requires little watering and prefers indirect, low light.

Chinese Money Plant

Botanical name: Pilea peperomioides

The Chinese money plant has earnt the nickname ‘pass it on plant’- you can replant the offshoots and watch new money plants regrow. Keep in a light area, but away from direct sunlight and only water when the soil is dry to touch.

Aloe Vera

Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis

Keep this succulent plant in warmer rooms with lots of light and not too much water. Another great air purifier.

Spider plant

Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum

Easy to take care of with light watering and a bright surrounding, the spiderettes, spider plants, dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web.


Botanical name: Cactus

Cactus plants thrive in hot, dry conditions and as they are a type of succulent, they don’t need much water as they can store it for long periods of time.


Botanical name: Philodendron goeldii

Photo credit: Severin Candrian from Feey.ch.

The philodendron grows best in medium to bright sunlight and likes a regular mist on its leaves to keep moist and healthy, mimicking its home climate. Keep away from children and pets as they are toxic.


Botanical name: Phalaenopsis

With an array of different coloured orchids, they make the perfect houseplant to cheer up a room. They prefer warmer, more humid conditions with bright light exposure for optimal growth.

The benefits of indoor plants

House plants, with the vast choice to choose from, make the perfect decoration in your living space. Whether it be a dangling spider plant or a sweet potted cactus, they can jazz up any room, adding style and flair. They are super easy to look after, requiring minimal attention, yet look pretty and create a wonderful, natural atmosphere. With the amazing shapes and colours, plants can provide a state of serenity and calm with peaceful tones and auras. They are great for boosting positive mental health, creating some zen and encouraging mindful thoughts and feelings in your surroundings. What’s more, many of the plants have purifying qualities, de-toxifying the air you breathe it. Time to bring the outdoors in!

Tips for plant rearing:

As well as talking to your plants to encourage growth (and keep them company) have a read on for some top tips on how to maintain the healthiest and chicest house plants.

  • Don’t move them around: once you have placed your plant in its favourite new place, keep it there! It needs to keep in a constant temperature and adjust to its surrounding position.

  • Positioning: the best place for most house plants is a light area- not direct sunlight, but with darker winter days they will need to have some access to natural light. Each plant has different lighting needs so be sure to read up on your positioning and growing instructions. Keep away from radiators.

  • Watering: as the wintry months approach, your house plants will not need as much water- the cooler air temperature means they won’t dry out as quickly. Too much water and liquid in their soil will only inhibit growth.


With the ever-growing popularity of indoor house plants, there’s great choice of where to get your hands on them. Below are a few recommendations:

Patch plants

Beards and Daisies



Waitrose Garden

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