How the Soprano Laser Hair Removal Has Improved the Texture of My Legs

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Women for centuries have utilised the methods of removing hair from parts of their body such as legs, armpits, chin, genital area by applying various treatments and techniques such as shaving, waxing, tweezing to exfoliating and epilating. You could say some of these methods have worked depending on the person’s skin. On the other hand, some of these methods like shaving have failed successfully as the hair can grow back thicker, coarser and prickly or some cases can cause pain, redness and irritation to the skin.

In the last couple of years, a renowned treatment has been highly successful within the Beauty market. It is the Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal treatment. I can honestly say some of my friends have tried this laser and confirmed it was the best treatment they have invested. There are other versions on the market including Soprano Ice and Soprano Ice Platinum which are also effective.

As some of you are aware, the new generation of the Soprano laser hair removal is not like any other laser treatment you have tried. For example, if you have experienced prickliness of the legs because of unwanted/coarse hair, painful waxing and epilating then precisely this is why you should try out this pain-free treatment which can improve the texture and appearance to your skin and provide long-lasting results.

Like many others, I decided to do extensive research on this treatment to see if this is the right approach for me. For many years, I have wanted to improve the texture of my legs as I have suffered from prickly legs due to the continuous method of shaving.

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This year of 2020, I felt it was time for a change. As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across a blogger whom I regularly follow. She posted a story in her highlights about this incredible treatment, expressing how amazing it is, comfortable, painless, suitable for all skin types. She spoke very highly of a laser company she used called Pulse Laser Aesthetic Clinic, a renowned award-winning clinic based in London’s West End.

As soon as I finished watching her stories, I quickly booked a patch test appointment and once complete, the results were a success. I had loads of questions to ask about the procedure. The laser practitioner was extremely helpful, cheerful, made me feel comfortable and at ease as I was a bag of nerves.

The Soprano Titanium Laser has been one of the most effective lasers in the last couple of years, recommended by many as one of the most impressive breakthroughs of revolutionised technology in hair removal methods and can be used across multiple beauty salons in the UK and worldwide.

With its impressive technology with quick treatment time and has left millions of women feeling confident, the Soprano laser hair removal can penetrate tissue depths of the skin and the hair follicle with its impeccable three laser wavelengths including The Alexandrite 755nm, The Speed 810nm and the YAG 1064. Each laser wavelength targets the skin differently. So what does this all mean for you?

  • The Alexandrite 755nm: Suitable for thin hair and various hair colour types.

  • The Speed 810nm: Used to tackle the darker skin types and penetrates the deepest of hair follicles, mainly used for legs, arms, cheeks and chin.

  • YAG 1064: Used for the deepest follicles and treats ingrown hair.

With the three wavelengths combined, there is no doubt this is the most impressive laser on the market today. After receiving recommendations from not only close friends but bloggers who spoke passionately about this treatment, I decided to move forward and start my 6-course session of leg hair removal treatment.

How it Works

Although I was a bag of nerves as soon as the treatment started, the practitioner advised me to lie back on the bed and make myself comfortable or elevate myself to watch the procedure. The practitioner advised me to wear the protective eyeglasses as it protects you from the laser’s ultraviolet light. Once the eyeglasses were on, she fetched a piece of chalk and started mapping out sections of my legs so she can decide which part to start. It was quite strange at first as I felt like I was playing a role as Samantha in one of the Sex And The City episodes when she had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and looked puzzled because he drew on her with chalk.

The practitioner placed a layer of transparent cold gel on the treated area and motioned the laser up and down with ease for the specified seconds calculated on the machine. I did feel a slight pinch of energy in some areas relating to the warm session of the hair follicle. Some areas of the body can be sensitive compared to others, from personal experience, especially areas such as the knees or the top section of the thighs.

So far, I have experienced two sessions of full leg treatment and can see a massive improvement in the texture and appearance of my legs. It is the best investment spent on myself. Sessions are usually 45 minutes depending on the number of seconds applied to the machine and how much energy the skin can tolerate from the laser. The more seconds added to the laser, the longer the treatment takes. If you experience any discomfort and feel more pinch from the laser, feel free to consult with the practitioner to lower the frequency of energy to make you feel more comfortable.

After my first session of the Soprano laser hair removal completed, my skin was slightly red in some areas of the leg but disappeared shortly after a few minutes. I left with nothing but chalk marks and a smile. I could not wait to experience the next session and watch the progression of my treatment all over again. I have already experienced two sessions and impressed with the results so far.

After Treatment

As with any laser hair removal, a few easy steps to follow once each session is complete:

  • No sunbathing or tanning for at least after two weeks as it could cause burning of the skin or hyper-pigmentation.

or the Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum which has been highly recommended and used by many A-listers such as Beyonce, Rihanna as well as blogger and entrepreneur celebrity stylist Melissa’s Wardrobe. This serum helps to prevent ingrown hair and blemished skin free by softening the hair follicle and reduces the appearance of dark marks like “Strawberry legs” (blockages of pores or dead skin from the hair follicle), a nuisance we can all understand.

  • Avoid hot soaking baths for at least 24/48 hours, if you do, make sure the water is at a cooler temperature.

  • Avoid shaving at least two weeks after treatment to prevent skin irritation which also applies to alternative methods such as threading and waxing.

  • Depending on the treated area, try to avoid exfoliation of the skin until after the first two weeks, allowing the skin to breathe and prevent redness of the treated area. Treat your skin with care.

If you experience any discomfort or irritation issues with your skin, please ensure to contact the practitioner as they are experts within their field and can advise on the best course of action to take.

In truth, this incredibly advanced technology has changed and shaped the way women take care of themselves, providing them with a boost of confidence and a permanent solution which can change your appearance for the better. I can honestly say this treatment has improved the texture of my legs. I am looking forward to living a non-prickly/stubble-free life from now on.

For more information on the Soprano laser hair removal, visit Pulse Laser Aesthetic Clinic here

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