Stuck in a Fashion Rut? Here are 3 Tips to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Fall

refresh your wardrobe this fall

Fall is quickly approaching and what’s better than an excuse to refresh your wardrobe. Although it’s easy to feel like you need to follow the trends each season, sometimes investing in a few key timeless pieces is more rewarding in the long run. Some people may love the idea of re-organising and curating the perfect wardrobe, whereas others may find it an overwhelming task. Regardless, taking the time to refresh your outfit choices each season is a great way to reset, as well as giving yourself back a bit of motivation for the upcoming months. To help you we’ve put together a few simple steps to get you started and make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


As the saying goes - in with the old and out with the new – and this is no different. A messy wardrobe is only going to leave you stressed and perhaps even result in you buying more than you need as you forget what you already own. Take some time to clear out all your summer clothes and reflect on the autumn/winter garments you already have. As you re-hang and re-organise, take a note of anything that you feel you are missing or see as a fitting addition. Make sure you really take in what is already there, as it’ll save you time and money if you have a clear view of what you have to work with from the start which is a great way to refresh your wardrobe.


Now you have your list, try not to get carried away and splurge at the first thing you see that remotely matches one of the items. Research is key. Most shops are starting to get in a lot of their Autumn/Winter collections just now, however that doesn’t mean there won’t be more. Stores are restocked every few weeks and online even more regularly, so there’s no rush to find everything at once. By organising your list in order of both preference and importance will help you focus on what to spend time on first. For example, if you had to throw away your last pair of ankle boots due to them being completely worn down, it’s probably best you spend time finding a replacement pair before you search for that lilac fur coat you’ve eyed up on Instagram.


If there’s one key piece of advice I have for you to refresh your wardrobe it’s this: Invest in quality, not quantity. It can be easy to get sucked into trends and buy things out of impulse and no consideration as to whether you’re actually going to wear it. Each new purchase should come with its own vetting process. For example, the next time you go to buy something new, ask yourself these simple questions:

Do I have something similar already?

Do I have enough outfit choices I can work this piece into?

Am I buying this with only one occasion in mind?

Will this be on trend for a long time?

By asking yourself these you make sure you make the best decision when purchasing something new and it allows you to take the time to think what it is that you really need. Now I’m not saying it isn’t nice to treat yourself to something out of your comfort zone every now and again so long as every purchase doesn’t become as impulsive.

So, there you have it, follow these few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to your perfect fall wardrobe in no time. Keep in mind that a good wardrobe takes time as in itself it is a long-term investment. The aim is to end up with timeless, good quality pieces you can wear season after season but that doesn’t mean you should rush the curation process. After all, what’s more satisfying than a well organised wardrobe!

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