Your Guide to Marine-Based Skincare for Healthy-Looking Skin

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Sea Kelp, Algae and Salmon Roe have been buzzwords in the beauty industry for some time. Found in our oceans, these marine-based skincare ingredients are naturally beneficial for skin known for their moisturising, anti-ageing and mineral-enhancing qualities. Meet the brands bringing the secrets of the sea to your bathroom cabinet.

Sea Kelp

Naturally rich in iodine, sea kelp has been proven to help both decelerate the ageing process in blood cells and regulate thyroid hormones. What’s more, the saltwater in kelp acts as a great hydrator. Applying these qualities to skin has been a mission of the beauty industry for decades but one that celebrated brand, La Mer, has made a great success of with their marine-based skincare since launching in 1965.

Within each pot of its signature, Crème de la Mer (30ml) which starts from £125.00 from Space NK Apothecary is the cheapest than the usual £130.00 saving you £5.00. (Thank us later!). In each pot you’ll find the trademark-protected Miracle Broth™ (read more about La Mer's brand story), a clever concoction of fermented sea kelp, first created by founder Dr. Max Huber through a process of over 6,000 trials. Formed over a period of three to four months, each batch of kelp is infused with light and sound, to stimulate the creation of nutrients. From the process of responsible harvesting to each pot of the iconic Soft Cream or Perfecting Treatment, La Mer’s ‘Sea to Skin’ philosophy continues to prove that seaweed is a natural beauty addict’s best weapon.

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With its supple texture and fresh fragrance Supple in texture, La Mer’s Moisturising Soft Cream is good enough to bathe in. But, bear in mind, the potent concentration of Miracle Broth™ in the cream’s formula is highly effective in small doses.

Taking this scientific principle further, Algenist has cultivated a technology that extracts micro and macro algae elements. It was while researching renewable energy solutions that the founders happened upon the regenerative power of ‘Alguronic Acid’, an ingredient which helps boost cell turnover in the skin while minimising free radical damage, thanks to a concoction of minerals, proteins and peptides.

A combination of micro and macro algae varieties, Alguronic Acid and protein-boosting lactic acid, the Algenist Brightening Mask quenches skin and helps improve uneven skin texture and tone with their marine skin-based skincare.

(Please note that Algenist Algae Brightening Mask is sold out in most places so try to get your hands on this from Amazon or from Ninth Avenue)

Red Algae

Red algae’s is a very soft kind of power. Its potency lies in providing an abundant natural source of polysaccharides, which reduce the impact of stress on skin and help to keep irritation at bay. No wonder this ingredient has been readily adopted by one of the world’s most trusted beauty mavens, Bobbi Brown. Her Skin Relief No. 80 - Calming Algae Complex (£32.00 from House of Fraser but usually priced at £35.00) is a petite, yet powerful, potion, and a comforting balm for unhappy skin. Not only is Red Algae excellent for skin it’s also good for hair as Swedish brand Sachajuan proves with its range of products that Daryl Hannah as a mermaid in Splash would envy.

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The Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo (100ml) and the Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner (100ml) from Cult Beauty (which is the cheapest we found for you) combine what they call Ocean Silk Technology and natural vegetable proteins to give hair structure and volume, with added shine. To counteract the problem of tangles and damage, Sachajuan founder Sacha Mitic recommends using the Sachajuan range “like a tool kit” and taking special care when brushing, alongside fortifying your tresses with his protective products. A volume and mood-boosting tonic, for those days when you can’t be on the beach, a generous spritz of Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist turns tired looking-locks into beautiful beachy waves.

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Salmon Roe

Salmon roe might not sound like something you’d be keen to slather on your skin, but it was CEO and founder of Restørsea, Patti Pao, who found that the enzyme released when salmon hatch has a powerful anti-ageing effect. After working in a hatchery, Pao observed how the workers who had their hands submerged in the salmon tanks, had visibly younger-looking hands. Realising the enzymes act as an exfoliant of dead skin cells, Patti created a formula to integrate her findings in Restørsea products and has a wide selection of marine-based skincare products which specifically uses salmon roe such as their Rejuvenating Day Cream which was awarded the Best Moisturiser by the Independent Beauty Expo (IBE) 2018 Best in Show Awards.

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